Climate Zone and Historical Data

List of countries in Europe

CountryCapitalCurrent timeClimate ZoneAreaPopulation
AlbaniaTirana13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSB28,748.0 km²2,856,740
AndorraAndorra la Vella13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB468.0 km²79,691
AustriaVienna13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB83,859.0 km²8,879,616
BelarusMinsk14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB207,600.0 km²9,469,405
BelgiumBrussels13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB30,518.0 km²11,486,604
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB51,197.0 km²3,303,549
BulgariaSofia14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB110,994.0 km²6,978,310
CroatiaZagreb13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB56,538.0 km²4,070,049
CyprusNicosia14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)BSH9,251.0 km²1,201,124
CzechiaPrague13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB78,866 km²10,672,258
DenmarkCopenhagen13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB43,094.0 km²5,821,102
EstoniaTallinn14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB45,227.0 km²1,329,139
Faroe IslandsTórshavn12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFC1,399.0 km²51,227
FinlandHelsinki14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFC338,145.0 km²5,522,863
FranceParis13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB551,500.0 km²67,062,436
GermanyBerlin13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB357,022.0 km²83,135,348
GibraltarGibraltar13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA6.0 km²36,250
GreeceAthens14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA131,626.0 km²10,718,871
GuernseySt. Peter Port12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB2,549
HungaryBudapest13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB93,030.0 km²9,772,498
IrelandDublin12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB70,273.0 km²4,943,993
Isle of ManDouglas12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB87,133
ItalyRome13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA301,316.0 km²60,299,945
JerseySaint Helier12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB2,549
KosovoPristina13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB10,887 km²1,796,797
LatviaRiga14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB64,589.0 km²1,915,338
LiechtensteinVaduz13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB160.0 km²40,568
LithuaniaVilnius14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB65,301.0 km²2,789,393
LuxembourgLuxembourg13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB2,586.0 km²622,445
MaltaValletta13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA316.0 km²505,202
MoldovaChi?in?u14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB33,851.0 km²2,660,186
MonacoMonaco13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSB1.5 km²41,513
MontenegroPodgorica13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB624,686
NetherlandsAmsterdam13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB41,526.0 km²17,335,399
North MacedoniaSkopje13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB25,713.0 km²2,086,008
NorwayOslo13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFC323,877.0 km²5,350,445
PolandWarsaw13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB323,250.0 km²37,973,423
PortugalLisbon12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA91,982.0 km²10,271,966
RomaniaBucharest14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB238,391.0 km²19,359,093
San MarinoCity of San Marino13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB61.0 km²36,409
SerbiaBelgrade13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB88,361.0 km²6,947,524
SlovakiaBratislava13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB49,012.0 km²5,456,622
SloveniaLjubljana13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB20,256.0 km²2,090,495
SpainMadrid13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA505,992.0 km²47,079,330
Svalbard And Jan MayenLongyearbyen13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)ET62,422.0 km²2,549
SwedenStockholm13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB449,964.0 km²10,288,002
SwitzerlandBern13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFC41,284.0 km²8,577,381
UkraineKiev14:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)DFB603,700.0 km²44,387,704
United KingdomLondon12:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB242,900.0 km²66,836,954
Vatican CityVatican City13:40 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CSA0.40 km²2,549