Central America

Climate Zone and Historical Data

List of countries in Central America

CountryCapitalCurrent timeClimate ZoneAreaPopulation
AnguillaThe Valley06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW96.0 km²2,549
Antigua and BarbudaSaint John's06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF442.0 km²99,667
ArubaOranjestad06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW193.0 km²108,863
BarbadosBridgetown06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM430.0 km²289,574
BelizeBelmopan04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM22,696.0 km²392,902
BonaireNone12:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)BS2,549
British Virgin IslandsRoad Town06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM151.0 km²32,579
Cayman IslandsGeorge Town05:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW264.0 km²67,497
Costa RicaSan José04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)CFB51,100.0 km²5,050,110
CubaHavana06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW110,861.0 km²11,336,032
CuracaoWillemstad06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW444 km²160,087
DominicaRoseau06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF751.0 km²74,357
Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF48,511.0 km²10,741,507
El SalvadorSan Salvador04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW21,041.0 km²6,456,102
GrenadaSt. George's06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW344.0 km²114,552
GuadeloupeBasse-Terre06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF1,705.0 km²2,549
GuatemalaGuatemala City04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM108,889.0 km²16,606,575
HaitiPort-au-Prince06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW27,750.0 km²11,265,626
HondurasTegucigalpa04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM112,088.0 km²9,748,666
JamaicaKingston05:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW10,990.0 km²2,950,828
MartiniqueFort-de-France06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF1,102.0 km²2,549
MontserratPlymouth06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM102.0 km²2,549
NicaraguaManagua04:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM130,000.0 km²6,548,051
PanamaPanama City05:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM75,517.0 km²4,248,988
Puerto RicoSan Juan06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM8,875.0 km²3,196,243
Saint BarthelemyGustavia06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW2,549
Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterre06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW261.0 km²55,372
Saint LuciaCastries06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF622.0 km²185,339
Saint MartinMarigot06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW40,551
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstown06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AF388.0 km²113,138
Sint MaartenPhilipsburg06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW43,282
The BahamasNassau06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AW13,878.00 km²392,031
Trinidad and TobagoPort of Spain06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM5,130.0 km²1,397,522
Turks and Caicos IslandsCockburn Town06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AS430.0 km²40,740
US Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalie06:49 (Wed, 22 May 2024)AM109,180