Ireland Climatic Classifications

Summary: Most regions (26) in Ireland lie in the Marine west coast, warm summer climate zone (Köppen: Cfb). The mean average of annual temperatures range from a high of 11.05°C (51.89°F) in County Wexford to a low of 9.29°C (48.72°F) in County Monaghan.

Climate Ireland: Weather By Month

Record high °C (°F)8.3(46.94)8.53(47.35)9.83(49.69)12.5(54.5)14.6(58.28)17.09(62.76)18.39(65.1)17.84(64.11)16.3(61.34)13.62(56.52)10.63(51.13)8.94(48.09)18.39(65.1)
Average high °C (°F)7.13(44.83)7.84(46.11)9.2(48.56)11.66(52.99)13.89(57.0)16.33(61.39)17.67(63.81)17.24(63.03)15.65(60.17)12.88(55.18)9.4(48.92)7.48(45.46)12.2(53.96)
Daily mean °C (°F)5.32(41.58)5.62(42.12)6.84(44.31)9.27(48.69)11.77(53.19)14.31(57.76)15.66(60.19)15.1(59.18)13.38(56.08)10.67(51.21)7.42(45.36)5.84(42.51)10.1(50.18)
Average low °C (°F)2.61(36.7)2.41(36.34)2.61(36.7)4.11(39.4)6.46(43.63)9.0(48.2)10.84(51.51)10.6(51.08)9.14(48.45)7.21(44.98)4.55(40.19)3.25(37.85)6.07(42.93)
Record low °C (°F)0.95(33.71)0.82(33.48)1.19(34.14)2.73(36.91)5.23(41.41)7.88(46.18)9.58(49.24)9.41(48.94)7.92(46.26)5.87(42.57)3.26(37.87)1.68(35.02)0.82(33.48)
Average precipitation mm (inches)83.87(3.3)81.67(3.22)69.58(2.74)57.86(2.28)74.2(2.92)92.26(3.63)86.68(3.41)93.09(3.66)75.45(2.97)83.96(3.31)94.2(3.71)95.33(3.75)82.35(3.24)
Average precipitation days (≥ 1.0 mm)15.2814.9113.2412.4115.6117.3817.8118.8613.914.514.7315.3115.33
Average relative humidity (%)88.7586.7184.9284.2185.2986.5387.5187.6788.3888.4989.2489.4987.27
Mean monthly sunshine hours5.446.18.3911.3212.0113.4112.3411.499.616.355.745.258.95

Ireland Climate Graph

Ireland’s Cities by Temperature

Ireland’s states/regions ranking by average yearly temperature:

County Wexford
11.05°C | 51.89°F
County Waterford
10.9°C | 51.62°F
County Cork
10.85°C | 51.53°F
County Clare
10.68°C | 51.22°F
County Wicklow
10.67°C | 51.21°F
County Galway
10.61°C | 51.1°F
County Limerick
10.44°C | 50.79°F
County Mayo
10.28°C | 50.5°F
County Kerry
10.25°C | 50.45°F
County Sligo
10.14°C | 50.25°F
County Kilkenny
10.09°C | 50.16°F
County Meath
10.05°C | 50.09°F
County Carlow
9.98°C | 49.96°F
County Dublin
9.98°C | 49.96°F
County Tipperary
9.93°C | 49.87°F
County Roscommon
9.92°C | 49.86°F
County Louth
9.87°C | 49.77°F
County Offaly
9.8°C | 49.64°F
County Donegal
9.78°C | 49.6°F
County Longford
9.75°C | 49.55°F
County Westmeath
9.73°C | 49.51°F
County Kildare
9.7°C | 49.46°F
County Laois
9.7°C | 49.46°F
County Leitrim
9.63°C | 49.33°F
County Cavan
9.54°C | 49.17°F
County Monaghan
9.29°C | 48.72°F

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