Compare California and Florida Weather

California is 3686.6 kilometers (2290.7 miles) away and 3.0 hours behind Florida, United States. California's climate is classified as Mediterranean, hot summer (Köppen climate classification: Csa) while Florida has a Humid subtropical, no dry season climate (Cfa).

California generally has cooler weather than Florida. The average mean temperature in California is 19.97°C (67.95°F) while Florida’s temperature is 24.12°C (75.42°F) and the difference is 4.15°C (39.47°F). California is hottest on average in July, when the day time temperature may reach 31.43°C (88.57°F), while Florida is hottest in August when the average high temperature is 29.14°C (84.45°F). California is coldest in December when the average low temperature is 5.42°C (41.76°F), while January is the coolest month in Florida, when night time temperature often falls below 11.33°C (52.39°F).

Finally, California has about 2.31 times less rainfall than Florida, (California’s 30.48mm vs Florida’s average of 70.29mm).

Comparison summary

Hottest monthJuly: 31.43°C (88.57°F)August: 29.14°C (84.45°F)2.29°C (36.12°F)
Coldest monthDecember: 5.42°C (41.76°F)January: 11.33°C (52.39°F)5.91°C (42.64°F)
Wettest monthMarch: 73.65mm (2.9in)August: 145.8mm (5.74in)72.15mm (2.84in)
Driest monthJune: 1.35mm (0.05in)February: 24.0mm (0.94in)22.65mm (0.89in)


Average Temperature ( °C )

Average Temperature ( °F )


Precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (in)

Number of days with rainfall

Average Number of Rainy Days ( Days )

Wind Speed

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Average Length of Day ( Hours )

Average Length of Day ( Hours )

Humidity (%)

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